Dinesh Mohite, Team Leader, Research

Dinesh works at Brooke India, identifying and designing research proposals, keeping veterinary staff up-to-date with new developments and supporting the advocacy and communication team.

Dinesh working at a brick kiln

What time does your alarm go off and how do you start your day?

My day starts around 6am when I do some yoga exercises, after which I prepare my breakfast and lunch. Some days I also go for long walk to have a fresh start to the day. I take a bath and then cook my breakfast and pack my lunch. I leave home at around 8am and reach the office by nine, then I plan my day according to the priority of work.

What are you responsible for in your role at Brooke?

I identify research issues and problems relevant to equine welfare and any other needs of the organisation. I also design research proposals (prepare concept notes, protocols, questionnaires and tools). Motivating and supporting Brooke India staff to write papers for various national and international conferences, developing scientific articles, abstracts and case studies from the main is also part of my role. In addition to my core job responsibilities, I also support the advocacy and communication team and provide training to veterinary staff, keeping them up-to-date with the latest scientific updates on relevant issues.

How did you get your job?

I was working with a farm that used equines to produce serum for anti-tetanus and anti-snake venom. I was looking for job opportunities in the equine industry when I saw an advertisement for the role of veterinary officer at Brooke India. I joined Brooke India on 8 February 2007 and I have cherished each and every moment of my time here.

What’s your typical day?

I spend between eight and nine hours in the office, and a typical day starts with prioritising what needs to be done. I try to get the most important and urgent tasks completed before lunch.

I take lunch along with my colleagues around 1pm. We share lunch, chat, laugh and relax.

The rest of the day is taken up with replying to emails, internal office meetings, checking IMS [Brooke’s internal communications channel] and discussions with colleagues. I also enjoy a few cups of tea during the day which refresh me. I leave the office at around 5pm and buy groceries, fruit and vegetables on my way home. I cook dinner, watch TV and browse social media. If I’m not too tired, I’ll play badminton. I usually go to bed around 10pm.

What’s your most memorable work moment?

When I received individual Most Inspirational Vet award from Brooke India and runner up from Brooke UK. Also, when our Saharanpur team received the best team award. It was exhilarating and I was ecstatic that I got recognised for my work within only two years of joining. My hard work paid off.

What’s the worst part of your job?

I've loved each and every role I’ve worked in at Brooke, but research is close to my heart. The worst part is the integration of research with the programme, which is always a challenge. Also, some days there are too many unplanned activities which can be burdensome. However, I handle these situations patiently and I have been able to give my best to every role at Brooke India for the betterment of working equines.

What’s the best part of your job?

Learning from and working with the UK research team has been the best! They have always provided tremendous support and helped me build my capacity for undertaking robust research. I love writing research proposals and protocols and defending my proposals before the Animal Welfare Ethical Research Board in the UK. It’s a great feeling when my proposal gets a 'yes' from the UK team. I also love to write and review technical case studies, proposals, reports, etc.

What would be your Plan B? What would you be doing if you didn’t work at Brooke?

I would have been pursuing an academic career.

What do you do after work?

I like to relax and enjoy my time by playing badminton, listening to music, watching TV or just lazing around the house. Some days I cook different cuisines as I am fond of cooking.

What makes you proud to be Brooke?

It is my honour to work with Brooke and I have been able to use my talent for the welfare of working equines and equine owning communities. I feel immensely proud to be a part of this beautiful organisation which is helping thousands of voiceless animals across world.

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