Responsible use of animals in tourism

Enjoy a holiday unmarred by the sight of an animal suffering by promoting responsible care, management and use of animals in tourism. Everyone has the power to prevent a working horse or donkey from suffering, and Brooke is now on hand to help caring travellers and tour operators make responsible choices.

Horses, donkeys and mules working within the tourist trade can travel long distances, often in harsh climates and over challenging terrain. As they pull or carry people and luggage, their welfare is often overlooked.

Enjoying your holiday does not have to be at a cost to animal welfare. There's a growing movement to protect the welfare of animals used in the tourist trade.

What to consider when planning a holiday

  1. How have tour operators ensured the animals are happy and healthy?
  2. How do attractions prepare for unintended consequences, such as accidents?
  3. What alternatives are there to animal use?

Think before you ride

  1. Is the animal happy and healthy?
  2. Can the animal carry/pull my weight?
  3. Am I paying a fair price?

Support Brooke today and make a real difference

Use our Happy Horses Holiday Code

Launched in 2010, the 10-point Happy Horses Holiday Code was developed to provide tourists with guidance on how to make quick welfare-based decisions when considering the services of a working horse, donkey or mule while on holiday.

Remember the Happy Horses Holiday and 'one wheel per person when riding in a carriage'.

Report poor practice

Please don't wait to report mistreatment. Make a formal complaint to tour operator, tourist police or local authorities.

Brooke is attempting to help as many suffering working animals as possible so it's helpful to hear your concerns for equine animals from a short report of the country, location, your observations and whether you were part of an organised tour. Photographs and videos are also very useful.

Please share your concerns by contacting [email protected]. This information will be passed to our Animal Welfare Team.

ABTA's guidance

In an industry first ABTA, The Travel Association, has produced the Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism.  This comprises a series of manuals which aim to tackle bad practice and improve animal welfare standards throughout the tourism industry.

Brooke proudly contributed technical guidance to ABTA's Working Animals Codes and has conducted some training with Global Spirit to help tour operators ensure the welfare of equines used in their excursions is a priority.

The Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism are freely available to ABTA Members. If you’re not an ABTA Member but would like to learn more about these guidance materials, email [email protected].