How and why we undertake research

Research is an integral part of our work. It underpins our programmatic and advocacy work and improves our activities. Through sharing our research, we also share our learning and increase understanding of the issues facing working equids and their owners in developing countries.

Why is research essential to our work?

Our global strategy incorporates evidence as one of its five key enablers. Both programme and advocacy activities must be informed by the best available research.

To do this, we must understand locally relevant welfare problems and be able to design and evaluate appropriate interventions. Because our country programme teams are in contact with the animals and their owners every day, they know the most important issues being faced and are therefore best placed to identify new research questions.

What guides our research?

Our research follows a series of key principles:

  1. We only undertake applied research, therefore all research we conduct seeks to answer questions and aims to have a practical end-use.
  2. Our Animal Welfare Ethics Review Board reviews all research proposals and protocols and ensures they minimise both human and animal welfare risks.
  3. To reach as many people as possible, the research findings must be shared with:
    • the participants in the research, for example equid owners and service providers
    • Brooke colleagues working in the country where the research was undertaken, and in other countries we work in
    • external audiences, including academics, policy makers and the public.

This animation explains the background to research at Brooke.

Who carries out research at Brooke?

Brooke’s researchers are located in the countries we work in and are supported by a UK-based team. We also conduct research with external partners. Brooke's international research teams support each other through virtual meetings and country visits.

How can I access Brooke research?

For quick snapshots of some of our research, see research summaries.

If you would like further information about our research activities, please contact us: [email protected] 

Annual research reviews

Our research reviews showcase findings from some of our key projects that have been conducted by Brooke’s research team, and in partnership with universities.

Brooke launched its first annual research review in 2020, whereby we shared our research related achievements and learnings from 2019. Our research reviews showcase findings from some of our key projects that have been conducted by Brooke’s research team, and in partnership with universities.

Annual Research Review 2021