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At a glance

  1. India is the world’s second-most populous country with over 1.38 billion people.
  2. It’s home to over 500,000 working horses, donkeys, and mules.
  3. Capital: New Delhi


  • Population 1.38 billion
  • Area (in sq. km) 32,87,263
  • Area (in sq. mi) 1,269,219
  • Language(s) Hindi
  • Poverty Rate 21%
  • Per Capita Income US$ 1,352.27
  • Human Development Index 0.586

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Brooke India’s Journey

Brooke Hospital for Animals (India), popularly known as Brooke India (BI) has been working since 1999 to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys, and mules in India. The BI program has evolved through various phases.

  • The first phase was characterised by the provision of veterinary services for working equines and the activities were directly managed and supervised by Brooke UK.
  • In the second phase, BI focused on equine welfare through the provision of free veterinary and support services to working equines at fixed locations.
  • The third phase focused on achieving long-term and sustainable improvement in equine welfare through the engagement of equine owners.
  • The fourth phase was focused on a holistic approach to achieving improved equine welfare with emphasis on strengthening the local service delivery system in addition to the above.
  • The fifth and the current phase had an approach that also focused on multi-pronged interventions, i.e. formation and capacity building of Women and Men Equine Welfare   Groups (EWGs) and   Community   Based   Organizations (CBOs), provision of comprehensive equine health services, capacity building of Local Health Providers and establishment of linkages between   EWGs and BI trained service providers. Besides, BI targeted intervention at Brick Kilns (BKs) as these sites render livelihood opportunities to equine owners for a substantial period of the year. BI also provides emergency treatment services as per Brooke Service Provision guidelines to working equines in need of urgent medical intervention through dedicated equine fair extension intervention.

BI’s Priorities FY 22-23

For BI, equine health and welfare remain critical aspects. BI acknowledges, that the needs of working equines can only be alleviated if the equine owners who own and rear them, are financially capable, sensitised, and trained for adopting good animal husbandry and welfare practices. Towards this end, our programmatic intervention currently focuses on the following two aspects:

  • To improve the health and welfare of the equines
  • To develop the economic and social conditions of the marginalised equine owning communities


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