Annual reports & accounts

This year’s annual report illustrates better than ever how Brooke’s work is making a tangible difference to working horses, donkeys and mules.

As well as improving the lives of more working animals around the world today, by strengthening animal health services, helping owners see the benefits of keeping their working animals healthy and championing welfare-friendly laws and policies, Brooke is creating sustainable change that will benefit working livestock for generations to come. This builds more resilient livelihoods and supports better food security. We will continue to champion the contribution of working horses, donkeys and mules to these Sustainable Development Goals.

This year, in addition to working directly with nearly 1.7 million animals, the ripple effect of Brooke-inspired skills and love for animals was taken up by over 1 million equine owners, and 8,500 equine-dependent communities. Brooke veterinarians mentored 3,900 healthcare providers - including farriers and other veterinarians - and our teams reached 7,000 brick kilns.

This ultimately creates independent, thriving equine-owning communities, making better lives for working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them every day.

For every £1 spent on fundraising, we raised £2.90.

Thanks to the continuing generosity of our donors, including those who remembered the world’s working horses, donkeys and mules with a gift to Brooke in their Will, we raised a total of £20.8 million in 2018/19. For every £1 spent on fundraising, we raised £2.90.

To read more about our work over the last year, please see our latest annual report.

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