Annual reports & accounts

This year’s annual report illustrates better than ever how Brooke’s work is making a tangible difference to working horses, donkeys and mules.

Our world is changing rapidly. And working animals are more vulnerable and more essential than ever. Poor animal health and welfare is holding back millions of people who work with animals to make a living and run their household. By getting the health and welfare of animal’s needs met, our work empowers animal-owning communities to overcome obstacles to sustainability, realise their potential and achieve successful livelihoods. This year the number of communities that we worked with increased by 40%.

In our annual report you can read about how we are:

  • Getting the value and the needs of working horses, donkeys and mules recognised through advocacy including our campaign to ban the donkey skin trade.
  • Promoting welfare friendly practices in industries and communities that depend on working animals with global projects that include our compassionate handling guidance.
  • Empowering communities to realise the benefits of having a well-cared for working animal with participatory tools such as our ground-breaking ‘communities for animals’.
  • Enhancing the animal health workforce to support the resilience of communities and economies with our highly successful Animal Health mentoring Framework.

For every £1 spent on fundraising, we raised £2.82.

With sector-leading tools our collection and use of data has gone from strength to strength. This year we see proof that working with us creates self-sustaining benefits for animals and the people who depend on them.

Thanks to the continuing generosity of our donors, including the kind people who remembered Brooke in their Will, we raised a total of £20.1 million in 2019/20. This means that for every £1 spent on fundraising, we raised £2.82.

To read more about our work over the last year, please see our latest annual report.

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