Annual Report 2021/22

Review our performance in our latest annual report.

Find out how we helped over 1.4 million working horses, donkey and mules.

Protecting more animals

In our latest Annual Report you can find out how we directly helped over 1.4 million working horses, donkey and mules. Millions more animals feel the benefit of Brooke too. For instance, we delivered training and mentoring to 594,741 equid owners and animal health professionals around the world. On an even bigger scale, new policies protecting millions more working equids were enacted at local, national and international level.

A growing movement for change

Every person working, supporting, trained and influenced by Brooke is a member of our movement for change. We all want to create a life worth living for working horses, donkeys and mules around the world. Every positive action takes us closer to our goal.

Smart solutions

It’s the combination of everything we do that makes such a big difference. Overall, nearly half our work is about preventing welfare problems, 35% on working directly with animals who need help, 13% on advocating for working horses, donkeys and mules, and 3% on research to provide evidence for change.

Tackling emergencies

To create a better future, we must tackle today’s emergencies. Animals suffering in droughts, flooding and critical health emergencies were all reached by Brooke this year.

Spending money wisely

The current cost of living crisis is affecting everything. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, our income is holding up well. Increased inflation in our countries of operation could affect the scale of our reach. The Board and senior leadership team will make sure that our financial planning is prudent. We will prioritise the wellbeing of working horses, donkeys and mules, so that if our income is reduced, we can still deliver on vital programmes of work.

It’s thanks to you

In these challenging times, we are enormously thankful for the ongoing loyalty of every one of our supporters. It is only because you dedicate time, creativity and much-needed funds that we can ensure working horses, donkeys and mules around the world have a life worth living. Thank you for being part of our movement for change.


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