Brooke East Africa

We set up the first Brooke East Africa office in Kenya in 2013, and since then have gradually expanded into Somaliland, South Sudan, Tanzania and part of Northern Uganda.



At a glance

Brooke East Africa works in 22 counties within Kenya, Somaliland, South Sudan, Tanzania and part of Northern Uganda, through a strategic partnership model engagement. 

This pool of partners with varied expertise and experiences has enabled achieve key milestones with significant reach across the region.

In South Sudan, working through partners we have trained 189 frontline Local Service Providers (Community Animal Health Workers, government vets, livestock extension officers and farriers) on equine healthcare, and subsidised their group-managed clinics with veterinary supplies on a recovery basis, enabling them to offer healthcare extension services to 8,030 equines annually.

In Kenya, as well as our success in securing a country ban on donkey slaughter in Kenya we are also closely monitoring cross-border activity between East and West Africa, trade routes in Asia and Central America, and supporting our sister organisation Brooke USA in their efforts to ban the import of ejiao products to the US.

Our work in Tanzania focuses on tackling the cross border donkey skin trade and other donkey welfare issues.

Take a closer look

A large proportion of Kenya’s 1.17 million donkeys are found in semi-arid areas where they are used by women to transport water and firewood. Others are used in agricultural areas to transport farm produce to markets and households and in urban areas for transporting commercial goods and water vending services.

Despite the heavy reliance on equines in, they are often affected by poor welfare including wounding and bruising from misuse and abuse, malnutrition, dehydration, diseases, hoof abnormalities, eye conditions and respiratory problems.

How we started

Women and their donkeys transporting water in Kenya

In 2013, Brooke East Africa set up office in Nairobi, Kenya and then gradually expanded in to 22 counties. In the course of this growth we expanded into Somaliland, South Sudan, Tanzania and part of Northern Uganda, through a strategic partnership engagement model.  

This pool of partners was engaged based on varied expertise and experiences, something that has enabled us to achieve key milestones with significant reach in our programme across the region as we aim to positively impact vulnerable working equines and their communities in the region.

Our approach

  • We work on the frontline with donkey-owning communities. Brooke East Africa and their partners have helped to set up over 400 groups with over 9,000 members.  
  • We fund community-led initiatives to protect their donkeys.
  • We add resources on the ground to expand lobbying and community engagement.
  • We mobilise communities and help them gather evidence and present it to their governments.
  • We support governments in the inclusion and delivery of the animal/ equine welfare in the Higher education teaching curriculum of the veterinary schools and middle level colleges offering diploma and certificate in veterinary courses.
  • We get the issue on the worldwide agenda by alerting the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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