How funds are spent

The funds we spend on our charitable activites go to four main areas: prevention of welfare problems, direct intervention to improve equine animal welfare, influencing and research.  

If you are a recent Brooke supporter - thank you! You enable us to reach millions of working equids and their owners. For a full list of achievments in that period take a look at our annual report, but here are three that we are proud of:

The funds that we spend on charitable activities are divided up like so:

Our work benefits 1.4 million animals a year across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our fundraising activity plays a crucial role in generating much needed revenue to ensure we have the income to support our growth. This will enable us to reach even more suffering animals, and ensure we can sustain our work well into the future. 

Your donations will help us expand our work in existing countries and into new countries where working horses, donkeys and mules are most in need.