Afghanaid in Afghanistan

In 2018 Brooke launched a new partnership in Afghanistan with Afghanaid.

Afghanaid work within communities to improve lives and livelihoods

Working in daykundi province

In November 2018, Brooke launched a partnership with Afghanaid to support a project in Daykundi province. Afghanaid has a proven track record of successful and sustainable programmatic work in Afghanistan, and we are working together to strengthen the livelihoods and livestock care, including equines, of vulnerable households in four districts. 

This partnership was founded through Brooke's development fund, which enables Brooke to seek lasting and effective partnerships with in-country organisations.

We are confident this partnership will help us extend and deepen our reach, enabling us to collectively support more equines and owners to make sustainable changes to their lives and livelihoods.

Afghanaid and Brooke's work

This project looks to integrate working equine welfare into an exisiting livelihoods project in Daykundi province, utilising existing networks and relationships to link improved animal health and welfare to strengthened livelihoods and access to markets. This work aims to improve animal health and productivity of livestock owned by 4,000 farmers by 2022.

To provide rural Afghans with the training and tools they need to help themselves, their families and their communities

Afghanaid Mission Statement

Afghanaid will work specifically with:

  • Women
  • Local paravets
  • Equine owners
  • Community members

Brooke's all-species Animal Health Mentoring Framework will be trialled.

Make a difference to working horses, donkeys and mules