24 June 2024

Get to know Brooke’s women in diplomacy

On International Day of Women in Diplomacy (24 June 2024), women at Brooke are sharing their experiences and achievements in advocacy teams worldwide. 

These women play an essential role in making working animals visible in all kinds of policy, forging pathways to global progress and equality, for people and animals alike.  

Dr Pandey from Brooke India
Animal charity advocate gives talk

Dr Priya Pandey is Brooke India’s Senior Programme Leader of External Affairs, working to bring positive impact to working animals and their communities. 

Priya advocates for policy change to help raise the visibility of working horses, donkeys and mules at all levels of authority, which she says comes with unique experiences and opportunities each day.

Her proudest achievement at Brooke is working with an equine-owning group from the Churu District in India, who were shortlisted for the 75th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and featured amongst the top ten global stories on social and economic uplift for women. 

“Diplomacy can often be a male-dominated field, but Brooke gives the chance to break these stereotypes and pave the way for female leadership.” 

Dr Priya Pandey, Senior Programme Leader of External Affairs at Brooke India 

Priya feels empowered to be an advocate for Brooke, and says it is amazing to see her efforts recognised on larger platforms.   

She said: “Advocacy roles are essential; not only do they amplify voices and perspectives, but also promote fairness and equality."

Dr Pandey's advocacy role brings unique challenges and experiences every day 

Hazell and Veronica from Brooke Latin America and the Caribbean
Animal charity advocate at event

Hazell Flores, Advocacy and Influence Officer at Brooke Latin America and the Caribbean feels honored to bring attention to working animals in policymaking. 

100 million working horses, donkeys and mules around the world pull carts, carry goods and work the land that 600 million people rely on to earn a living.  

Hazell is advocating for the inclusion of these animals in government decision-making, such as national disaster management plans, and believes listening to as many voices as possible is the key to success. 

“I am very proud and inspired to be contributing to Brooke’s cause, with my knowledge and passion.

Hazell Flores, Advocacy and Influence Officer at Brooke Latin America and the Caribbean

Hazell said: “My insight into the decision-making process has helped Brooke find integrated solutions to the complex challenges working animals face.” 

N.B. Hazell Flores has now left BLAC as of 18 July 2024. 

Veronica Artola Martinez works alongside Hazell as the Project Officer where she helps policymakers understand the role of working animals in the lives of so many.

Hazell believes in advocating for as many voices as possible to include working animals in policymaking.

For Veronica, being a voice of Brooke in spaces where she can influence change, is a challenge but one she feels is a “great responsibility”.  

She said: “Being part of Brooke is a privilege to me, and I’m inspired by the organisation’s founder, Dorothy Brooke to continue giving working animals a life worth living."

“Increasingly, women have a voice in leadership spaces and Brooke has motivated me to grow.”

Veronica Artola Martinez, Project Officer at Brooke Latin America and the Caribbean

Anna from Brooke UK
Animal charity advocate at UN Conference

Anna Marry is Brooke UK’s Senior Global External Affairs Advisor, leading UN-level advocacy to have working animals recognised for their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

For Anna, the most gratifying part of her job is when, after months of negotiations and lobbying, working animals are included in UN policy, such as the 2022 UN General Assembly Resolution on Agriculture

Anna has represented Brooke at various multilateral forums, including the annual High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) and the UN Water Conference

“The world needs to invest in building skills and boosting the confidence of women, so their voice can be heard loud and clear in the corridors of power.” 

Anna Marry, Senior Global External Affairs Advisor at Brooke UK

She said: “Diplomacy is traditionally the domain of older men, and I am happy to see this changing, albeit slowly."