Brooke Latin America and Caribbean

Starting as a pilot project in Nicaragua and now becoming a Regional Office, we’re now supporting working animals and their communities across this entire region and further afield.



At a glance

  • Brooke Latin America and Caribbean (BLAC) currently works in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras – these countries have a combined population of 6.5 million people.
  • They are home to over 325,000 working equines.
  • 25% of people in these countries are living below the international poverty line. 

Take a closer look

Our work in Latin America and The Caribbean started in 2013 as a four-year pilot program in Nicaragua. One of the poorest countries in this area, Nicaragua has limited access to basic services, especially for farmers and indigenous people. And the political and social context of the region in general presents a series of challenges, for humans and animals alike. 

In rural areas donkeys and mules are used in agriculture, and in urban areas horses are used for transporting people and goods by cart. Some of the main welfare issues they face are poor body condition, heat stress, tick infection, abnormal eye conditions, inability to walk normally and untreated injury or disease.

In 2017 we registered our official branch in the country, and ever since, Brooke Latin America and Caribbean has been working to influence the agendas of decision makers at national and regional levels as well as establishing strong partnerships with local organizations.

Find out more about our work in Latin America and Caribbean

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Brooke Latin America and Caribbean, 4th floor, ECCO Building, Rotonda Universitaria, 2 c. al Norte, Managua, Nicaragua.


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