19 June 2024

Brooke joins World Federation for Animals

The World Federation for Animals (WFA) has expanded its membership to Brooke, to help recognise animal welfare as essential to sustainable development.  

Made up of more than 60 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), WFA has enlisted Brooke to support its efforts to integrate animal welfare into international health, food, environment and trade.  

"This membership will offer us the opportunity to further strengthen our global advocacy, within the UN and beyond."

Chris Wainwright, Chief Executive of Brooke 

Brooke, which reaches 1.4 million horses, donkeys and mules directly, and over 4 million indrectly globally, is one of seven global organisations selected by the WFA this year.  

Chris Wainwright, Chief Executive of Brooke, said: “Brooke is delighted to be joining WFA, who it has worked with in partnership for many years, as an official member."

"It is an honour to welcome Brooke into our Federation of collaborative, world-leading animal protection organisations"

James Yeates, Chief Executive of WFA 

Brooke will be part of the WFA’s promise to ensure animal welfare is recognised in achieving the global sustainable development agenda, declared in its first-ever General Assembly on 15 May 2024.  

James Yeates, Chief Executive of WFA, said: “Brooke is an amazing charity, with an impressive record of pioneering work to help animals in ways that drive sustainable development for people.

"This will be critical to our collective success in changing the world for animals."