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Since the first Brooke hospital was founded in Egypt in 1934, we have expanded the reach of our work across the Middle East, into Africa and Asia and, more recently, Latin America

Use the map below to explore the animals and people we work with and the places we work in.

Guatemala: healthy horses

The Brooke has been improving the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in Guatemala in conjunction with local partner ESAP, since 2004.

Guatemala: healthy horses, happy people

Shepo in Ethiopia

Showing owners how to better care for their animals is an important part of the Brooke's work in Ethiopia.

Showing owners how to better care for their animals is an important part of the Brooke's work in Ethiopia.

Shepo in Ethiopia

Githuku in Kenya

Childhood sweethearts Githiri and Wanjiku have both been disabled since birth. When Wanjiku became pregnant their donkey Githiku took up the strain,

Githiku in Kenya

Mithu in Pakistan

Vets from the Brooke Pakistan's mobile clinics show brick kiln workers the dangers of overloading, lack of water and infrequent rest.

Mithu in Pakistan

Equine welfare in India

Rawati village in Bihar state, India, is a shining example of how a village can benefit from insightful community development.

Equine welfare in India

Nasheema in India

The Brooke India works with the whole family and their working equine to make a difference.


Nasheema in India

Nazar in Pakistan

The Brooke Pakistan treated Nazar's donkey in a flood relief camp after the Pakistan floods.

Nazar in Pakistan

Stories about how horses and donkeys around the world live and work.

Stories of the people working hard in the poorest communities to educate and treat horses and donkeys.

Stories about the Brooke's recent projects showing how we make a difference.


  • In 20011-12 we reached over 30,000 horses, donkeys and mules.
  • Our partner, the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan, trains paravets to improve veterinary services.
  • The primary focus of our work in Afghanistan is to improve animal welfare through changes in human behaviour.

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  • We've been working in Senegal since 2010, reaching over 1,300 animals in 2011-12.
  • Our partner is Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (Agriculturalists and Veterinary Surgeons without Borders).
  • We help the animal-owning community and government veterinary service develop an understanding of animal welfare.

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  • In 2011-12 we reached 41,000 working horses, donkeys and mules.
  • We work with local partner ESAP (Equinos Sanos Para El Pueblo, or “Healthy Horses for the People”).
  • We train Equine Welfare Advisors and vets, and hold school programmes, horse days, public demos and radio shows to promote good welfare.

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  • In 2011-12 we reached 10,500 horses and donkeys.
  • We work in partnership with Animal Health Training and Consultancy Service.
  • We have trained animal health workers and supplied first aid kits for animals undergoing long journeys in remote areas.

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  • In 2011-10 we reached 98,000 animals.
  • Our partners are Practical Action and KENDAT.
  • New animal welfare friendly by-law in Mandera county, assisted by Practical Action.
  • KENDAT launched a National Donkey Welfare Day to highlight the plight of the donkey.  

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  • In 2011-12 we reached 350,000 horses, donkeys and mules.
  • We train hundreds of vets, local animal health and service providers and community animal health workers.

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  • In 2011–12 Brooke India reached 176,000 working horses, donkeys and mules.
  • Veterinary and support services are available in 25 districts of 5 key states (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan). 
  • Training has been provided to local animal health providers, hair clippers and farriers to provide welfare services at brick kilns.

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  • Last year Brooke Egypt reached 222,000 animals.
  • It reached over 230 communities in 7 regions, including Cairo and the Nile Delta.
  • It conducts animal-friendly research into respiratory diseases, tumours and de-worming.

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  • In 2011-12 we reached over 109,000 working horses donkeys and mules
  • We provide veterinary services at local markets and train community animal health workers
  • We work with animal owners to encourage best animal care practices

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  • We reached over 1,200 working horses, donkeys and mules in 20011-12.
  • A number of harmful practices such as nostril slitting and firing have been eradicated.
  • The programme underwent a change in 2010, as local stakeholders took on more responsibility.

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What the Brooke does

We work in partnership with local people across Africa, Asia and Latin America to ensure that working horses, donkeys, mules and their owners live a better life.

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