25 July 2019

Woman completes 1000km cycle through Europe in aid of Brooke

Emma Massingale raised over £2000 for Brooke by completing a 1000km cycle around Europe whilst pulling two miniature Shetland ponies and a dog in a custom-made cart.

Emma, who is from Devon, started her journey in France on 11 May alongside her ponies Percy and Stanley, and her dog Inca. From there, Emma and her four-legged companions followed the route of the river Rhine, taking advantage of the many off-road tracks up through Germany and The Netherlands, where the challenge was completed on 31 May.

She said: “I loved this concept as it showcased really well the role reversal and just how tough these horses have had it. They have been our Beasts of Burden for so long, it was time for a role reverse!”

En route they took in windmills, ferries - 20, to be exact - fast food chains, castles, and lots of well-wishers who were keen to find out more about the spectacle.

Here in the UK, Emma is a Pro Horse Trainer and has developed a language to help her communicate with whole herds of horses at any one time, allowing them to carry out complex exercises and manoeuvres as a team.

She took on the challenge to raise awareness of the millions of horses, donkeys and mules currently working around the world. Reflecting on the challenge, Emma said: “The key was to make people smile and raise money for Brooke.”

Money raised from Emma’s fundraiser will help Brooke to continue reaching working equines in some of the world’s most challenging environments, from remote villages in Senegal to brick kilns in Pakistan.