26 November 2015

Save horses, donkeys and mules this Black Friday, not your wallet

Global Equine Welfare charity Brooke is giving shoppers the chance to escape the consumerist squabble of Black Friday this year and offering the opportunity to buy virtual gifts for loved ones. The gifts, priced from £9 - £106 will help working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries around the world, where people rely on their working animals to earn a living.

Brooke is an international animal welfare charity dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. One hundred million working equines are the engines that power the developing world, doing the hardest jobs under the toughest conditions to support the livelihoods of 600 million people - nine percent of the world’s population. Brooke works with owners, communities and policy makers to bring about lasting improvements to the lives of working animals.

A spokesperson for Brooke said:

“Black Friday is great for grabbing a bargain, but people can get carried away. We’ve seen the video footage of spats over TVs and laptops. So this year, be a better person and help the hardworking animals that help 600 million people earn a living around the world."

Gifts all come with a free gift card and are available now from Brooke Shop or by calling 0207 470 9390. Orders will be delivered by Christmas if ordered by 17 December, or 4 December if ordering internationally.

Gift examples

Emergency essentials £9

Carrying heavy loads, walking weary miles and negotiating traffic on busy roads can lead to all kinds of injuries for hardworking horses, donkeys and mules. From bandages and painkillers to antibiotics, our first aid kit eases pain, treats wounds and can even save lives.

Care and comfort for mother and foal £30

Give a new born foal and its mother the very best care at a vulnerable time when you buy this gift. Covering everything from medicines for common conditions in those early months, to treatment and follow-up care from a vet, this is a wonderful way to give a foal the very best start in life.

Lifesaving medicines for a clinic £69

Our vets are expert and dedicated – but they need essential medicines to treat sick and injured animals. This wonderful gift not only provides a Brooke clinic with the medication the vets need for a whole day of treating horses, donkeys and mules, it helps them to educate owners on how to care for them better too.

Vets on wheels £106

The Brooke’s Vets on wheels are a lifeline for owners and their animals – particularly in remote areas. This gift keeps a team equipped with all they need to reach and treat suffering animals for a whole fortnight. And, as well as nursing animals, our vets on wheels pass on vital knowledge on animal welfare to their owners.