22 December 2020

New borehole quenches the thirst of donkeys and owners in Burkina Faso

Earlier this year, Brooke West Africa teamed up with its partner Inades-Formation Burkina to install a new borehole in the village of Silmiougou in Burkina Faso, providing clean drinking water to the community and their donkeys, plus three other surrounding villages.

Built with funding support from the Zurich Community Trust, the borehole has been welcomed by the women of the village who previously had to walk a distance of approximately 10km to access drinking water in the town of Kaya.

Maria Ouédraogo, 40, has seven children. She said: “Before, we had difficulty getting water. Now, with this borehole in the village, we suffer less and we have drinking water. Before, donkeys used to drink once or twice a day, now they can drink three to four times a day. We are grateful to Brooke and Inades-Formation Burkina who has helped us to have this borehole.”

Meanwhile, Aline Zongo, Country Director of Inades-Formation Burkina Faso, said: “During our visits to Silmiougou, we were able to feel the village chief’s satisfaction, but above all his relief… (this is) a truly beneficial initiative for the population of Silmiougou and its surroundings, but especially for the women and donkeys in these localities.”

The new borehole is equipped with a solar pump and a polytank on a metal frame. It also includes a drinking trough for donkeys.