2 July 2024

Government ministers approve declaration to improve Ethiopia’s animal health

A horse treated at the Dodola Health clinic in Ethiopia, where vets have been training with Brooke for eight years.

Ethiopian government ministers approved a declaration last week which will help strengthen the country’s animal health system, after lobbying from Brooke and the Action for Animal Health (A4AH) coalition.  

The Ministers Council of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ratified the much-awaited “Animal Health and Welfare Proclamation” on 27 June 2024, which promises to improve Ethiopia’s animal health workforce, access to veterinary medicines, and disease surveillance. 

Brooke has long advocated for improving animal health systems around the world, made up of animal health practitioners, veterinary medicines, surveillance, disease diagnostics and investment delivering healthcare services to animals and their owners. 

Brooke has put particular focus on this work in Ethiopia, where veterinary teams have set up treatment clinics, training and mentoring government practitioners and educating owners in the community on how to look after their animals properly.

“This proclamation means a lot in realising the importance of a strong animal health system in our country."

Yohannes Kassim, Country Director of Brooke Ethiopia.

In 2021, the charity formed the A4AH coalition to promote stronger investment in these systems within low and middle-income countries with fewer veterinary resources.  

Yohannes Kassim, Country Director of Brooke Ethiopia, said: “The reports and recommendations from A4AH have been instrumental for our advocacy work in achieving this, and I want to thank the Minister’s Council and everyone who contributed.” 

The proclamation is expected to be endorsed by Ethiopia’s parliament after further review.  

A4AH is asking for stronger animal health systems to prevent the spread of disease from animals to humans and reduce the risk of future pandemics. Up to 75% of all new human infectious diseases come from animals.

Other members include Compassion in World Farming, Dogs Trust Worldwide, VSF International and World Veterinary Association