17 July 2017

Game of Thrones stars support Brooke

The horses that accompany Daenerys Targaryen, carry the White Walkers and were part of the epic ‘Battle of the Bastards’ scene with Jon Snow, are supporting Brooke's How The Other Horse Lives campagin.

The Devil’s Horsemen, based in Mursley in Buckinghamshire, have 80 horses that star in both film and TV. 

Dante who has appeared in Tomb Raider, the Lloyds advert and War Horse

Most people have probably seen them more times than they think, as the horses have starred in more besides Game of Thrones including the Lloyds bank ads, Wonder Woman, Transformers, War Horse, and as Angelina Jolie’s horse in Tomb Raider.

These horses are now part of a relatively few horses that work in the UK on a daily basis. Although many still do, gone are the days when horses and donkeys drew carts through the streets of London, or ploughed the fields. However, in developing countries, people still rely on working equines. There are over 100 million of these animals worldwide that support the lives of around 600 million people.

Camilla Naprous, part of the family that run the Devil’s Horsemen  said:

“We’re proud to support Brooke’s How The Other Horse Lives campaign. We have easy access to everything we need to make sure our horses are happy and healthy, when they’re working and when they’re not. People in developing countries don’t always have the skills they need to maintain good welfare, or access to nutritious feed, vets or farriers.

We admire Brooke’s approach to helping and educating owners and workers in the welfare of these horses, mules and donkeys and by the sheer scale in which they are making changes.

Brooke work with owners, communities, service providers, governments and international organisations to improve the welfare of these animals, who toil in tough environments and are subject to injuries, malnutrition and heat exhaustion. Brooke now reaches over two million working horses, donkeys and mules each year. How The Other Horse Lives aims to highlight the stark differences between the daily lives of horses in the U.K. and those working horses and donkeys in developing countries.

Brooke will be showcasing some of the horse stars, the show’s they’ve appeared in, and some of their personality traits, on their Facebook and Twitter profiles on 17 July.