Q&A with The Devil's Horsemen

How the other horse lives Q&A with The Devil's Horsemen.

Two riders from The Devil's Horsemen

1. How many horses do you have? 

We have 80 horses here at Wychwood.

2. How old are they/how long have you had them? 

They are aged between three and 25.

We have bred many ourselves over the years. They are generally of Iberian or Portuguese origin. We have horses from all over Europe and often buy horses from locations where we have filmed.

3. What do your horses eat in an average day? 

Our stabled horses have two meals a day depending on their dietary requirements, which is generally made up from a mixture of conditioning nuts, non-heating mix and sugar beet.  They also have hay ledge which is given twice a day.

4. Where do your horses live? 

Our stallions are stabled. The geldings live out as a herd in the summer and are kept in large barns over the winter months when the weather is too bad for them to live out. We travel all over the UK and Europe. How often we travel is very dependent on filming and show locations.

Devil's Horsemen rider upside down

5. How do you make sure your horses are healthy?

Our horses are checked over daily, they have their feet, teeth and vaccinations kept up to date. We also give our horses supplements and electrolytes.

6. Describe your horses' social life? 

What do they do for fun? Our stabled stallions are able to see each other and all activity on our busy yard. We have a range of turn out paddocks, horse walker and arena for them to have a variety of stimulation and exercise. Our geldings socialise as a herd. Our horses are used to dogs, pigs and chickens and all types of machinery, flags and music.

Devil's Horsemen rider on side of horse

7. What’s your favourite thing about Brooke’s work? 

We admire Brooke’s approach to helping and educating owners and workers in the welfare of these horses, mules and donkeys and by the sheer scale in which you are making changes.

Help us reach working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries that often suffer in their day to day lives.

The Devil's Horsemen are performing at the South of England Show on Thursday 8 June 2017.