25 March 2019

Brooke opens new equine shelter in Senegal

Brooke West Africa marked the opening of a new equine shelter in Mekhe, Senegal on 27 December 2018. The shelter, which is close to the local market, will provide owners and working horses, donkeys and mules with vital shade and water.

Senegal is home to approximately one million working equines, many of whom are relied upon heavily for agricultural work and transport The country lies in the drought-prone Sahel area, where water supplies diminish and crops often suffer. Unfortunately, when these resources are in short supply, working equines are often the first to experience reduced feed and water.

The opening was attended by high profile guests including the Mayor of Mekhe Magatte Wade , Brooke West Africa’s Regional Representative Emmanuel Sarr, and the head of the Directorate for the Development of Equids in Senegal Dr Bassirou Fall.

Moussa Gueye and his horse, Mouride are among those who will benefit from the shelter. He said: "My horse can now be kept away from the sun. This place offers security too. I can leave my horse here and go for errands, confident that I will meet it when I am back. Nobody will take it away or harm it.”

The shelter has a capacity of 32 boxes and also has a large area for parking carts, and sheltered areas for farriers and vets to work.

Dr Mamadou Seye, who is responsible for the vet unit within the shelter, said: “I am grateful to Brooke and will do my best to ensure Brooke’s work here comes to fruition. Thanks to Brooke, I have been able to enhance my knowledge and skills in equine clinic and husbandry." 

Senegal is just one of the countries where Brooke is making long lasting improvements to the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. Brooke works with governments, communities and other organisations to bring positive change to the lives of these animals and those who depend on them to make a living and feed their families.