21 March 2018

Brooke announces new Trustee

Brooke, Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, has appointed a new U.K. Trustee, Gaynor Miller. Gaynor, who is Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management at Christian Aid, replaces Angela Horseman on the board

Gaynor Miller

Gaynor has worked for Christian Aid for seven years, and in that time has developed and implemented a risk management framework and transformed the Internal Audit function. She’s also worked on other areas of risk management, anti-corruption policy and procedure, and data protection. 

Petra Ingram, Chief Executive of Brooke said:

“Gaynor will be a great asset to our Board, and I’m delighted to welcome her to Brooke. In addition to her considerable international experience, she is also an enthusiastic horsewoman, so has a genuine passion for improving equine animal welfare across the world.”

"Brooke brings together two of my passions, international development and animal welfare"

Gaynor Miller

Gaynor owns horses of her own, so Brooke and the desire to improve equine welfare is a cause close to her heart. She said:

"Brooke brings together two of my passions, international development and animal welfare.  I am particularly passionate about horses, and I believe that we should live in a world without poverty and suffering of people and animals alike.

"I also believe that the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules is intrinsically linked to the livelihoods of the people and communities they serve.  It will be an honour for me to serve on Brooke’s board and help to deliver significant and lasting change to these working animals.”

Gaynor Miller will officially be appointed as a Brooke Trustee on 22 March 2018.