1 June 2023

Brooke and KENDAT fight plastic pollution at Donkey Care Club this World Environment Day

This World Environment Day on 5 June, Brooke East Africa and KENDAT have launched a recycle initiative at Brooke’s Donkey Care Club in Kenya.

This World Environment Day on 5 June, Brooke East Africa (BEA) and their partner KENDAT have launched a recycle initiative as part of a #BeatPlasticPollution campaign at Brooke’s Donkey Care Club in Kenya.

Over 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year worldwide, half of which is intended for single-use purpose. Not only are humans at risk from plastic pollution, but animals who can ingest and suffocate from waste materials.

Brooke’s Donkey Care Club in Nguka, Kenya, is educating children on solutions to plastic waste whilst protecting the welfare of donkeys, who play a vital role in the local community.

Children at the Club are getting creative by collecting plastic waste, such as bottle caps and nylon wrapping, and turning them into ornaments, jewellery, mosaics and skipping ropes. The Club is using artistic expression to help keep the environment clean and safeguard donkeys in Nguka from ingesting plastic.

Sustainability in the future
Credit: Stephen Kiprop

BEA hopes that the initiative will be used in sustainable community development plans across the region, whilst also aiming to partner with local recycling clubs such as Plastiki Rafiki. Brooke’s Donkey Care Club in Nguka will also look to host a recycle championship, where plastics can be used as trophies and medals awarded to the best Donkey Care Club in the region.

BEA also hopes to work with KENDAT to construct shaded rested areas, watering points and designated lanes or paths for donkey transport, to improve their working conditions against environmental change.

Donkey Care Clubs

In many cases, children and women are the main care-givers for donkeys in Kenya. In 2004, Brooke launched Donkey Care Clubs to teach the next generation of donkey owners to care for and protect their donkeys through poetry, song and dance. Today, they have become part of extra-curricular activities recognized by the Kenyan government.