Donkey Care Clubs: Inspiring Children To Care For Their Animals

Through poetry, dance and drawing, we're teaching children in Kenya how to look after their animals. See it for yourself!

At donkey care clubs, the next generation of donkey owners learn how to care for and protect their donkeys through poetry, song and dance. As their main care-givers, children are the key to a better future for working donkeys by helping to improve their welfare at home and by dispelling myths about how to treat donkeys in their communities. 

Since Brooke launched donkey care clubs in 2004 they have become part of the extra-curricular activities recognised by the Kenyan government.  They run weekly and the lessons are extremely fun to watch, helping children understand both the importance of the animals for their own livelihoods, and how best to take care of them.

Meet two Donkey Care Club Regulars: Faith and Maureen

Faith and Maureen now understand that without their donkeys, their parents wouldn’t be able to pay for their school fees or new clothes. And they are so enthusiastic about the donkey care clubs that they're determined to share what they're learning with their parents and wider community.

Faith and Maureen

We teach other children how the donkeys help us. We would like everyone to be in the donkey care club.

Faith & Maureen, donkey care club attendees

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