5 December 2017

Brooke’s MyHackathon raises £20,000

#MyHackathon, a fundraising challenge launched by Brooke in April 2017 has drawn to a close, raising a massive £20,000.

MyHackathon challenged equestrians to ride 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 for the charity’s campaign, How The Other Horse Lives, which highlighted the differences between the lives of well-kept horses in the U.K, and those working in developing countries.

Brooke global ambassador Charlotte DuJardin

A host of famous faces leant their support, including Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Waygood and Anthea Turner.

Over 400 people signed up for MyHackathon and the majority of sign ups came through Facebook, so Brooke also set up the Myhackathon Facebook group, where people could share stories and riding tips. Many people of different ages and skill levels took part. 

Brooke’s Senior Community Fundraising Officer Louise Cooke said: 

“I’m so thrilled with the success of MyHackathon.

"The public really got behind us and it was great to see how the campaign really brought people together from all over the country as they shared their stories with each other on social media.

It’s fantastic that our UK horses are doing their bit to help the less fortunate working equines overseas and the huge amount of money they helped raise will support Brooke’s vital work.

Readers of Your Horse magazine also raised over £1000 of the grand total. The money from those who took part through the magazine’s Hack 1000 Miles campaign will help not just the working horses that Brooke works with but also the lives of the millions of families who rely on them.

Brooke plans to relaunch MyHackathon in 2018 to tie in with its new campaign, Every Horse Remembered, which highlights the struggle of horses past and present, remembering the war horses and mules of the First World War.