Sell your stuff at a car boot sale or online, and help bring lasting change to the communities we work in.


Sell Your Stuff

Sell your unwanted goods and you can help hardworking equines, like the donkeys labouring in dark and dangerous coal mines in Pakistan.

We were shocked to discover the terrible conditions these animals endure, thousands of feet below ground. They work for up to 10 hours a day in suffocating heat, injuring themselves on sharp rocks as they carry heavy loads through narrow tunnels.

Give the coal mine donkeys of today hope for tomorrow

  • £17 could pay to train a saddler, protecting working animals from unnecessary injury and discomfort.
  • £50 could equip a farrier with everything they need to help animals walk more comfortably.
  • £129 could help fund and train a team of local animal lovers to go from village to village, spreading our animal welfare messages. Giving a better quality of life for animals for many years to come.
Sell In Your Community
  1. Once you've decided to take part in Brooke-a-Brac, let us know your plans using this form.
  2. Plan and prepare your event. Decide where to hold your sale and book your spot. Clear your clutter and set out your stall. We can provide everything from balloons to bunting to help make your sale a success.
  3. Sell your goods. Engage with your customers! Tell them about Brooke and let them browse. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store your takings.
  4. Donate the proceeds.The sooner you donate, the sooner we can help hard working horses, donkeys and mules.

You can sell just about anything if the price is right. My favourite is vintage costume jewellery. For items that can still be purchased new, use the internet to find their cheapest price. eBay is helpful for pricing older items. I ask for about half the price, including postage.

Brooke supporter Jenny runs a stall every Monday at Ludlow Market.

Sell Online
  1. Sign up and choose your online marketplace
    Let us know your plans using this form
    Consider apps like eBay and Gumtree. You may also have a local online forum, which makes delivering your goods or arranging collection very straightforward.

  2. Sell your items
    Follow the guidance from your chosen marketplace to sell your items. You may need to photograph them and describe them. Decide on a price or put up for auction.

  3. Arrange delivery
    Follow the guidance given by your online marketplace. You may need to post items. If selling via a local forum, you can arrange collection or delivery.
  4. Donate the proceeds
    Send the proceeds of your sales to us. Every donation helps hard working horses, donkeys and mules.