Create your online fundraising page

Online fundraising is one of the quickest and safest ways of raising money.

Using Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving, you can create your own page, personalise it with some emotive text and photographs and then email the link to everyone you know. Your sponsors can donate quickly and easily online with a credit or debit card. Online donations from UK tax payers collect a 25 percent tax bonus (Gift Aid).

How to set up your page

Step 1

Step 2

If your fundraising activity is well known, eg the Virgin Money London Marathon, you can search for it. If you're organising an activity yourself or taking part in a lesser known event, you will need to manually add it.

Step 3

Select Brooke as your chosen charity.

Step 4

Follow the simple instructions.

Step 5

Check out the online guides for more information on promoting your fundraising and raising sponsorship money by email.

Step 6

Personalise your page with a photo and some text explaining what you're doing and why. Highlight anything that will make your fundraising activity stand out. For example, if it’s your first marathon tell people you’ve never done it before or if you’re doing a skydive and you’re scared of heights, let your supporters know.

Step 7

Add incentives to encourage people to give more. These were used by previous fundraisers:

  • "donate £25 to add a song to my training playlist"
  • "donate £50 to have your picture printed on my t-shirt"

How to promote your page

Know your cause

Be passionate about what you're fundraising for and it will naturally come through in your email content.

Personalise it

Make your sponsor request personal. Include the recipient’s name and make them feel that the email was written just for them (this will make them more likely to donate). Avoid group emails as these are easy to ignore.

Separate your contact list

List all the people you are going to send the email to and then write an estimated donation amount that you would like to receive from them (this will help with your planning and also nudge your donors in the right direction). You can send a number of emails over a monthly period, highlighting different factors about your chosen cause or your activity and use them as a reminder rather than a nag.

Thank your sponsors

This is so important! Yes, your Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving page will have a thank you included but there's nothing wrong with sending another email to your sponsors and personally thanking them for their contribution. This will make your sponsor feel extra special and keep them warm for the second round of emails you plan to send.

Top tip: get creative with your thank you.Try including a short video of you jumping up and down with a big cardboard sign saying "thank you"!

Did you know?

The average amount raised online is 263 pecent more than offline.