We work with health services

We offer training and support to a variety of local networks and animal healthcare providers overseas to ensure good quality services are available for working animals.

A Brooke-trained community based animal health worker treats a horse in India

Quality healthcare, when and where it's needed

Working horses, donkeys and mules enjoy good welfare when their owners and handlers treat them well and when their basic needs are met.

Basic needs include regular and reliable access to good quality veterinary care, farriery services and essential resources such as food and clean water.

With this in mind, Brooke works to ensure good quality services and resources are available to animals when and where they need it. An animal hospital in a major city is of little use to an animal in a remote rural area when they have a broken leg, especially when the owner can’t get them to the hospital.

Thanks to your generous donations we are able to train local farriers to become competent in trimming horses' hooves

No hoof, no horse

Brooke Farrier Thomas Burch led this interactive farriery session at Olympia, The London International Horse Show, in December 2018.

Working with local networks

We work with local communities and networks to focus on prevention and improve the quality of services and resources available at local level.

For example, we invest in training local government vets in India and community based animal health workers in Africa. We do this to ensure a better quality of service is available to working animals in the areas where they live and work.

Our teams offer training and support to a variety of local networks. For example, in Afghanistan, local paravets make their living by providing treatment and vaccination to cattle and sheep in remote areas. We designed and delivered an equine training package to develop their skills. Having learned more about wound management and equine animal handling, paravets are now able to improve the lives of more animals.

For professionals

To make a lasting difference to future generations of animals, our veterinary teams work to strengthen existing healthcare infrastructures.