The Christmas Wish List

Working horses and donkeys deserve what we all need at Christmas - relief, compassion and community.

What’s on your Christmas list?

We want working horses, donkeys and mules to feel safe and secure this Christmas.

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Our Christmas animation this year features a girl writing her Christmas wish list. Dinky Donkey, Harry the horse and Molly the mule work hard to get what they think she needs. But all she wants is for her friends to have what they need to be happy.  

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If you own an animal, you'll know how they are part of the family.   

For 100 million working horses, donkeys and mules around the world, every day is a workday. For some, even at Christmas. They work hard for their families to earn a living and carry food and water.

Bringing hope to working horses and donkeys
Girl with her equine

Working horses, donkeys and mules face incredibly tough lives caused by the work they endure and the tough environments they work in. Their owners share this struggle. They face difficult decisions, and work all the hours they can to stay above the poverty line.

Working animals around the world like Dinky, Harry and Molly don't have a complicated Christmas list:  

Relief - A drink of water and shelter from the sun 

Compassion - A kind, gentle hand of someone who cares 

Community - A support system. Friendship. Togetherness 

Owners often have close bonds with their animals, but often lack the skills they need to provide good welfare. We believe that championing compassion and providing training builds better futures for animals. We help owners improve their understanding of both the physical and emotional needs of their animals. By inspiring generations of animal welfare champions and strengthening bonds between people and animals, we can bring hope to the lives of working horses and donkeys.  

Do you want to help us create a life worth living for working horses, donkeys and mules around the world?

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