27 April 2022

World Vet Day: Study suggests pet owners prioritise the health of their pet over their own

A new study conducted by Brooke suggests that pet owners are more likely to take their pet for a routine check-up at the vet than go to the doctor for a check-up themselves.

The study, which was conducted ahead of World Veterinary Day this Saturday, also found that almost 7 in 10 pet owners would always go to their vet in the first instance to get reliable advice on their animal’s wellbeing, ahead of consulting friends and family or checking social media.

As 9 in 10 people agree that vets are a vital part of the community, Brooke is highlighting this importance by putting a spotlight on vets all around the world.

Brooke’s findings show a huge reliance on vet services and highlight just how important vet professionals are to people here in the UK. This is something we see replicated around the world, especially within the communities Brooke works in where people depend on their working animals to earn a living.

This World Vet Day, I’m pleased to be supporting Brooke in shining a spotlight on the vet professionals who keep these animals healthy and make a long-lasting difference to their lives.

Vet and TV broadcaster Dr Scott Miller

Strengthening the skills and confidence of local vet professionals is a huge part of Brooke’s work in low-income communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Here, many people rely on working horses, donkeys and mules to earn a living. It is vital, therefore, that these animals have access to good quality, welfare friendly vet care to ensure they are kept happy and healthy.

Over the last few years, Brooke has trained and mentored thousands of animal health service providers, including vets, paravets and farriers, who each go on to help far more animals than Brooke could alone.