18 August 2023

Nine of the best photos for World Photography Day 2023

World Photography Day 2023 is on 19 August, so we’re highlighting some inspiring photos from our work as well as some talented photographers we’ve been able to work with. Which ones are your favourite? Use the link at the bottom of the page to share this story on social media.

1. A foal in a field in Bambey, Senegal taken by Xaume Olleros.

Brooke works closely with communities in Senegal to improve skills in compassionate handling, and access to water and good food for their horses and donkeys.

2. A donkey and foal take a well earnt rest in a shelter in Kenya by Stephen Kiprop, Communications Consultant at Brooke East Africa.

One of the priorities when Brooke starts work in a new area is seeing whether donkeys have space to relax, roll and interact with other animals. A rolling pit is easy to set up and can be lifechanging for animals.

3. Yemisirach feeding her horse Boke, Halaba shelter in Ethiopia. Photo by Bill Bradshaw.

Brooke established the Halaba shelter in 2013, and among other initiatives runs workshops in handling and welfare. Adane, Yemisirach's father, took part in the training and now passes on his knowledge to his daughter. Learn more about Adane, Yemisirach and Boke.

4. Neelam and her mules. India. Photo by Shashi Ranjan, Communications Officer.

In locations where nutritious feed is hard to come by for animals, Brooke India help communities grow cheap and easy to cultivate food for their animals. Neelam is pictured here feeding Azolla to her mules, who looks like something distracted them from eating! Azolla is very rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and helps in growth properly.

5. Emergency flood response, Pakistan. Photo by Brooke Pakistan’s Communications Manager Ahmad Umer Chaudhry.  

In late 2022 and early 2023 Brooke Pakistan carried out a two phase emergency response programme to help people and animals caught up in the impact of the devastating floods. Read more about the flood relief work. 

6. Bakary washes his horse Eumeu Sene in the river of the Saloum Delta, Senegal. Photo by Freya Dowson

Eumeu Sene is named after a famous local wrestler because he is strong. He said “I come down every day to give Eumeu Sene a bath because I have a bath every day. Eumeu Sene is just like me, he needs to be clean.”

7. A beautiful closeup of a horse’s eye, taken in Honduras. Photo by Ariel Morales, former Communications Officer.

This was taken at the ‘Horse Refuge Project’, a joint project between Brooke Latin America and Caribbean (BLAC) and Veterinarios Sin Frontera (VSF). The project built 38 shelters for horses in 16 communities.

8. John the farrier, Kenya. Photo by Bill Bradshaw.

John is a Brooke trained mobile farrier who, after the training, promised himself that no donkey he could reach will ever suffer again from overgrown hooves. ‘He is known locally as ‘Tunza punda’ which means 'take care of the donkey.' This is also painted on his motorbike along with another phrase 'Heshimu Punda' which means 'respect the donkey'. Learn more about John.

Then and now 

The first picture shows a mule carrying artillery shells in the First World War. Mules like these, along with many horses and donkeys, were abandoned after the War and inspired our founder, Dorothy Brooke, to take the first steps towards Brooke’s inception. Credit - William Ivor Castle. Library and Archives Canada. Learn more about War Horses 

The second, by Freya Dowson, shows a mule working in a brick kiln in India. Many things have changed over the last 100 years or so, but horses, donkeys and mules still work hard for millions of people across the world, and deserve a life worth living.