1 December 2023

New research reveals some people prioritise buying Christmas gifts for pets over family, Brooke finds

Over a quarter of people in the UK prioritise buying Christmas presents for their pet over family and friends, research from Brooke finds. Brooke’s research also reveals that 7 in 10 people buy their pets Christmas gifts every year, with 1 in 10 spending as much as £50 on their furry friends. 

The survey, which shows just how much we spoil our pets during the festive season, also highlights that almost two thirds (65%) allow their pet to have its own Christmas dinner. 

Other findings include: 

  • 30% of people buy their pet two presents, with nearly 1 in 10 buying more than 5

  • Over a third (35%) of us buy our pets their gifts more than a month in advance of the big day

  • 39% of people buy their pet a Christmas advent calendar and 17% allow their pet to sit with them at the Christmas table.

When it comes to the most popular gifts, food treats came top (81%), followed by toys (72%), new beds (26%) and a new collar (25%). 

Whilst this highlights the strong bond between animal lovers and their pets in the UK, many animals around the world are still suffering. Ted Lasso and Midsomer Murders actress Annette Badland, is supporting Brooke this Christmas as the organisation aims to give a better life to millions of working donkeys, horses and mules around the world..

Annette said: “We all like to spoil the ones we love at Christmas and pets are no exception. I have a special place in my heart for ‘cheeky’ Charlie, my first cat. He was born in my dad’s wheelbarrow in the garden shed, like a scene from the nativity. 

Whilst it’s lovely that pets like Charlie can be included in Christmas celebrations, there are so many animals around the world who are just thankful for basic amenities like water and shelter. That’s why I’m pleased to be supporting Brooke, who aims to give working horses and donkeys a life worth living at Christmas and all year round."

All year round, millions of working animals provide a vital lifeline to communities. Unfortunately, they face hardships such as hunger and thirst. This year, droughts, floods and rising costs mean life is even tougher for them. This Christmas, Brooke is working to provide long term solutions to welfare problems for these hardworking animals, giving them hope for the future. 

Thanks to its supporters, Brooke can build equipped shelters, water troughs, and a community of hope around working animals that lasts for generations. All animals deserve to be safe and secure at Christmas, and by supporting Brooke you can help heal broken bodies and hearts.