Let’s create unbreakable bonds, and lives worth living

Healing broken hearts and bodies creates healthier, happier working horses, donkeys and mules.


Does your pet understand you? Can you tell what they want just from a look? These extraordinary bonds build foundations for life changing relationships. Watch how these bonds heal broken hearts for horses, donkeys and mules.

We love animals

At Brooke, we know that the love and support we give the animals in our lives is given back to us through devotion and loyalty. We love animals because we understand them, and they understand us.    

Working horses, donkeys and mules have incredibly tough lives caused by the work they endure. This struggle is shared with their owners. Themselves facing extremely difficult situations, working all the hours they can to stay just above the poverty line.   

On top of this, they increasingly face shocks caused by the climate crisis. Without access to skills, resources and support, their animals suffer. Leading to broken bodies and broken hearts.

Brooke builds relationships with communities without judgement. We strengthen the bonds people have with their animals and champion compassion. We build better futures for animals.

Spotlight on Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, there are over 11 million horses, donkeys and mules. Each one of these will support a family of six. These animals are a lifeline. They support the lives of an estimated 66 million people.  

Most working animals in the country are donkeys. They carry food, water, firewood, construction materials and more.    

They suffer from exhaustion, injury and disease. Travelling for long hours, they often have little access to water or food, and are rarely unloaded. 

Horses are a critical means of transport for people in urban areas across the country. ‘Gharry’ carts, designed to seat two or three people but that regularly hold more, ferry people through towns and villages.  

Long hours without rest, food and water in busy streets leads to extreme malnutrition, injury and exhaustion.   

Little access to vets or animal health services mean that diseases can take hold. 

A big focus of our work is on improving the relationships between owners and their horses and donkeys. It’s not that owners don’t have a connection with their animals. It is a lack of inherited knowledge.  

We help them recognise what their animals need to feel happy and loved.  

A kind harness, comfortable hooves, a gentle touch, a soft and safe home to rest at the end of a hard day.  

Influential people in communities can be the key to unlocking compassion in communities.  

Our teams identify those who have a natural ability to understand their animal’s needs and learn how to tackle welfare issues.   

These people are respected by the rest of the community, who want to learn how to care for their animals from the people they trust. And their children will go on to be the next generation of horse and donkey owners building strong and loving bonds with their working animals.   

How can I help?

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