7 April 2017

Kenyan drought updates

Below average rainfall has caused a drought in Kenya. On Friday 10 February 2017 the Government of Kenya declared the current drought a national disaster.

Drought is affecting 23 arid and semi-arid counties and pockets of other areas. It is expected to last until July 2017.

Rivers and dams have dried up, and families are taking their donkeys three times further than normal to collect water for the whole community.

In the areas where we work, almost 14,000 donkeys are in dire need of food and water. Some must struggle without water for three days at a time. 

Brooke has stepped in, and with help from our supporters, will save almost 14,000 vulnerable donkeys between 1 March and 15 April. Our East Africa office will work with local partners, Agency for Pastoralists Development (APaD) Farm Systems Kenya (FSK) and Kenya Veterinary Associations (KVA), to provide 13,100 donkeys with water, and 800 with hay. We will also be treating donkeys for providing vaccinations and other emergency treatments.


Follow what is happening in Kenya.

We are excited to announce that we have beaten our £23,600 target to help reach almost 14,000 donkeys in dire need of water and food.

Thanks to our generous supporters work has already begun in delivering the much needed emergency response.

James inspects empty drums after the water pump had no fuel for 3 days

Tens of thousands of litres of water have been delivered to communities in greatest need, hundreds of litres of fuel have been supplied to boreholes allowing donkeys to quench their thirst and feed is being distributed to owners.

This photo shows Brooke East Africa animal welfare officer James Kithuka arriving at Nanam Village in Turkana County. The village relies upon one deep borehole, which had received no fuel for three days. These donkeys had been gathered at this water point for days waiting for water.

On our arrival, these donkeys were seen desperately looking for water in the already empty troughs. Thanks to our donors, shortly after this photo was taken Brooke East Africa's partner APAD (Agency For Pastroal Development) delivered two drums of fuel for the borehole generator.

Donkeys quenching their thirst after a three-day wait for water. As a result of the donations from our generous supporters every member of the community and their donkeys now have sustained access to water.

A young girl looking after her donkey as it feeds on donated hay. Brooke and APAD delivered 250 hay bales to the water point in Nanam Village and distributed the feed to all the households present. Each member of the community fed their own donkey to prevent aggressive behaviour during group feeding.

Ensure we’re there to help address future emergencies

Boy from Nanam Village watching over his family's donkeys as they feed on the donated hay. Before Brooke and APAD arrived there were no signs of animal feed in the area.

Water from delivery trucks being poured into metal containers to allow the donkeys to drink.

Donkeys in Loima, Turkana after they have satisfied their thirst.

Brooke East Africa's James Kithuka spreading hay bales for donkeys to eat and regain their strength. All of the donkeys and smaller livestock in the Loima area of Turkana were given enough hay to  feed on. 

A water point in Nakuru county where there are sunken boreholes that pump water to the tanks. Thanks to our supporters' donations, Brooke is providing fuel to power to pumps like these that provide vital water to donkey owners. 

Esther, a member of the Nosim women group, receiving 60 litres of fuel on behalf of the community at the Olelara borehole, Kajiado County. Fuel will be supplied to seven boreholes allowing thousands of donkeys and hundreds of households access to water. Esther said: “May God bless the work of your hands."

A sick and dehydrated donkey receiving medical treatment from Brooke partners Agency for Pastoralists Development (APaD) vet Dr. Alice Wambui. Brooke is helping provide vital vaccinations and treatment for drought-related diseases.

A donkey owner setting aside water at a borehole in Katakala, Narok to allow his animals to quench their thirst. Brooke and their partners Farming Systems Kenya (FSK) have been raising awareness amongst owners of the need to allow donkeys, as well as other livestock, access to water.

A dehydrated and malnourished donkey, who had not had access to water for three days, finally being able to drink. Albert Ngikadelio, a Chief in the Naipa area, said: "The water has come at the right time. Thank you for remembering us and our donkeys”.

APAD director Sam Kimel (wearing green) handing over water troughs to a community group in Nanam. The water troughs will be used to provide dehydrated donkeys with vital water in the Nanam area. 

My donkeys can now access water and have time to rest, I used to wake up at 5am to go for 15km to look for water with my donkey. When I got back I was tired and my donkey was also tired...God bless you.

Donkey owner in Narok

A woman is trying to help her donkey up after it collapsed, weak from walking long distances for water.  Donkey owners from Nkareta are walking up to 15 km away from their homes at a seasonal stream, which is drying up. One of them said: ”I woke up at 5am and have been walking for almost 5 hours. I am tired and my donkeys are also tired. It is now 11am and have not reached my place, I feel sorry for my donkeys.”

An area in Katakala that was used by donkeys and other livestock for grazing and watering is now dried up, and any remaining water has turned to mud, so unsuitable for people or animals.