15 January 2024

Brooke’s partner praised for animal welfare commitments in Nepalese brick kilns

Brooke's partner, Animal Health Training & Consultancy Service (AHTCS), has been recognised as the leading animal welfare organisation in Nepal, contributing to the improved welfare of equids working in the brick kiln industry. 

The Federation of Nepal Brick Industries (FNBI) recognised AHTCS with a Letter of Appreciation for the contribution that Brooke and AHTCS’s Sustainable Equine Welfare Project continues to make towards the improvement of the overall health and welfare of equids working in the Brick Industry.

Daniel Gallagher, Senior Manager of Programmes and Partnership at Brooke, said: 

“Brooke is proud of our partnership with AHTCS, who have previously been awarded Best Organisation for Animal Welfare Promotion and Service Delivery by the Nepalese Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. 

This commendation from the FNBI further demonstrates how respected AHTCS are and how their long-term efforts to build relationships with key stakeholders in the brick kiln industry has enabled Brooke to support members of the FNBI to make changes to improve the lives of working equids and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods.”

AHTCS has worked tirelessly with those involved in the brick kiln industry, including equine owners and handlers, animal contractors and brick kiln owners to improve welfare practices. Thanks to AHTCS, equine owners have been educated and trained on good husbandry practices, humane animal handling, appropriate workload and working conditions and primary health care. 

AHTCS’ involvement in Brooke’s Project has led to welfare provisions being implemented in more than 70% of targeted brick kilns in Nepal, including improved physical infrastructure and working environments, comfortable housing, appropriate workloads and working hours, and accessible animal healthcare services. 

AHTCS-trained Animal Health Practitioners have also been working with brick kilns, to ensure sustainable vet treatment service is provided for equines working in these environments. 

AHTCS was honoured with a Letter of Appreciation for its work during the 15th Annual General Assembly of FNBI.