High Teas for Gee Gees

Everyone loves tea and cake, so why not support us by hosting a tea party with friends and family?

Host A High Tea Party

Whether you prefer a calm cuppa with friends or a full-on garden party with bunting, tea cups and cakes galore, the style of your High Teas is entirely up to you. We provide you with all the materials, tools and advice you need to get your event off to a trotting start. It’s as easy as one, two, tea!

Follow These Steps:

  • Register your interest and wait for a message from our team who will send you your special party pack and some inspiring recipes from our favourite celebrity bakers!
  • Set a date and time, and send your invitations to friends and family – either fundraise by asking for an ‘entry ticket’ or charge for the cakes and coffees.
  • Enjoy the day, and have fun knowing you're helping us improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.

How Will My Tea Party Help?

This is how your fundraising could help us:

  • £56 could train a vet and provide comprehensive training for a government or local animal healthcare provider to set up a veterinary practice. This includes the equipment and skills needed to start ensuring a whole community’s animals enjoy the best possible health.
  • £100 could pay for three portable water troughs to ensure horses, donkeys and mules always have access to a cooling drink, wherever they are.
  • £143 could train a farrier to balance and trim hooves, reducing lameness and other problems. It also equips them to pass on crucial welfare advice to owners and to earn a sustainable living, while making a positive difference to the lives of animals.

More Information

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Host A High Tea Party