Knit For Brooke

Could you knit or crochet for Brooke? We are currently calling for supporters to donate a donkey.

We already know that Brooke supporters are amazing, but recently we have discovered that many of you have a talent for knitting, crocheting and crafting.

We are calling on you to join with supporters up and down the country and donate a donkey. You can do this in two easy steps:

  1. Make a donation and request your Donate a Donkey pattern guide - this includes a knitting and crochet pattern as well as hints and tips and all the information you need
  2. When you are ready, send us your completed donkey and our volunteer fundraisers will sell it at one of their events, helping us raise even more money for Brooke (please note we currently ask you to hold onto the donkeys until we are able to accept them into the office again)

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Why We Ask For A Donation

We'd love it if you could make a donation for your donkey patterns. This donation will help Brooke continue its vital work around the world as we fight to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people that depend on them. 

Request Your Knitting And Crochet Pattern

We can't wait to send you our special Donate a Donkey pattern guide, which contains all the information you will need, including how to send us your completed donkey.

We are currently sending these guides out by email only. This will arrive as a PDF guide which you can view on your device or print at home. 

In the future we hope to be able to send copies by post.

We ask that you do not share the patterns, but please do spread the word and tell people to visit our website to request their own.

How We Use Your Donated Donkeys

We have a brilliant family of Brooke fundraising volunteers who work tirelessly to raise funds to help continue our eseential work. One of their bestsellers at the events they attend is the knitted donkey, and these are sold as handmade decorations or collectables (not children’s toys). We want to ensure they have a good supply to sell.  

We are currently unable to accept donkeys at our office so please keep them safe and when we are ready we will ask you to post them to us.

If you would prefer to sell your donkey yourself you can do so. You could sell it on Ebay and nominate Brooke to benefit, or sell it yourself and forward the donation to us.

Donate A Donkey - Hints and Tips from a Brooke Knitter

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