How legacies transform lives

Leaving a gift in your Will helps us sow the seeds of change so they can be felt for years to come – our work within communities today means millions of working horses, donkeys and mules will feel the benefit for generations to come.

Boke's story

Boke is a gharry (taxi) horse who works hard to provide vital income for his owner Adane and his family in Ethiopia.

Adane loved his horse and did his best to care for him, but lacked the welfare skills needed to look after Boke properly. As a result, Boke didn't get enough to eat and suffered regularly from untreated hoof problems and wounds to his body.

Thankfully, all this changed when Adane decided to take part in an equine welfare training course offered by Brooke. Adane learned many new skills including welfare management and equine handling. And when he applied these skills, Boke's health and body condition improved dramatically. With better food, shelter and care, Boke is so much healthier and happier. 

Now Adane has passed his skills on to his 12-year-old daughter, Yemisirach. She now knows how to feed, shelter and water Boke properly, as well as how to clean his hooves and groom him. Adane says Boke responds well to Yemisirach and that they have a good relationship. Boke really is part of the family. 

A man, a horse and a girl

By including a gift in your Will, you will be helping to improve the lives of working animals (like Boke’s) for generations to come – fostering positive human-animal relationships through education, clear guidelines and mentoring.

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