MyHackathon FAQs

Answers to our frequently asked questions about MyHackathon.

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What is MyHackathon?

MyHackathon is a fundraising activity for Brooke and horse lovers across the globe. We are challenging people to horse ride 100 miles in a 100 days and raise a minimum of £100. You can start the challenge when you want, do it wherever you want, but try and complete it by the 31 October. Feel free to do 100 miles by yourself or split the distance with a group of people, eg. 10 people doing 10 miles each.

How will my support and fundraising help Brooke?

By supporting Brooke today, you're helping to make a real difference to the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them. This is how £100 or more could help Brooke:

  • £100 could train two vets and provide comprehensive training for a government or local animal healthcare provider to set up a veterinary practice. Includes the equipment and skills needed to start making sure a whole community’s animals enjoy the best possible health.
  • £100 could pay for three portable water trough and make sure horses, donkeys and mules always have access to a cooling drink, wherever they are.
  • £106 could keep a mobile vet team on the road for two weeks helping needy animals
  • £143 could train a farrier to balance and trim hooves, reducing lameness and other problems. It also equips them to pass on crucial welfare advice to owners and to earn a sustainable living, whilst making a positive difference to the lives of animals.

What support will Brooke give me?

Our specialised fundraising team will be able to help you with your fundraising by giving lots of practical fundraising advice and providing materials to help you with your challenge. 

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee - it’s free! We just ask you to sign up and fundraise a minimum of £100 for Brooke. That’s just £10 from 10 people.

How do I track my distance?

If you have a smart phone, there are loads of apps you can download to help you reach your daily target. Have a look in your app store to find the best one for you. We also have a tracking sheet that is a great tool to help you log all your miles!

Can I get a Brooke t-shirt to wear?

Yes, after you have set up your fundraising page and received your first donation of £10 or more you can request a t-shirt by emailing [email protected] letting us know if you would like a small, medium, large or extra large.

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What is the start date for this event?

You can start the challenge whenever you want. Think about when a good time is for you and when you can realistically ride 100 miles. You can start the fundraising whenever you want too.

What is the deadline for this event?

We are encouraging individuals and groups to complete the activity by the 31 October 2020. If you are not able to do it by then, feel free to do it outside of this time period. As long as you sign-up and fundraise, we can help you complete the activity.

How do I fundraise?

First, sign up to MyHackathon and then set up your JustGiving page. This will only take 5 minutes and is an easy way for friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. Alternatively, you can ask us for a sponsorship form.

What is Gift Aid?

You're eligible if you're a UK tax payer and you pay sufficient tax to cover the amount that all the charities you support would claim in Gift Aid in a tax year (1 April to 31 March of the following year). Even if you're not employed, you're still eligible for Gift Aid if you pay tax on any of the following:

  • a personal or occupational pension
  • bank or building society savings accounts
  • rental income
  • stocks and shares
  • UK and overseas investment dividends

Other taxes such as VAT and council tax do not apply. As the tax payer, you're responsible for checking your eligibility for Gift Aid. Any tax shortfall is the responsibility of the tax payer.

What are the fundraising incentives?

Once you hit specific fundraising targets, Brooke will send you a reward for your achievement.

  • Raise £100 and you will receive a certificate and a pin badge to mark your achievement
  • Raise £250 and you will receive a Brooke rosette
  • Raise £500 or over and you will receive the above and a neck warmer

How do I pay in my money?

If you are fundraising using JustGiving, you do not need to anything after you have set it up. The money will come straight to Brooke. Alternatively you can pay online, over the phone or by cheque. 


By using our donation form (select Make a one-off payment, enter the amount you're sending us, tick the Select if the money has been fundraised box and select how the money was raised from the drop down menu).

Over the phone by credit or debit card

Call us on 020 7470 9393.

By cheque

Made payable to Brooke and posted together with a completed paying in slip (PDF, 69kb) to:

The Brooke Hospital for Animals
2nd Floor,The Hallmark Building,
52-56 Leadenhall Street,

Can I take part in MyHackathon as a carriage driver?

Yes, if you are a carriage driver or part of a carriage driving club, please do get involved! This is your challenge, so how you take part is up to you.

Can I take part with my horse or pony in hand?

Yes, you can take part in hand. You can choose to take part in a Mini Hackathon and lead your horse or pony over the 100 days.

Can I take part in MyHackathon if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes, you can choose to do MyHackathon anywhere you like. We encourage supporters from all over the world to take part in MyHackathon and fundraise for Brooke.

What do I do when I have finished the challenge?

Be sure to tell us by completing our special form. We can then send you out a certificate and thank-you gift if you have reached one of our fundraising targets.