Care for Petra campaign

On 30 October 2014 Brooke and the Petra authorities launched the Care for Petra campaign.

The Care for Petra campaign was initiated by Brooke in 2012 but developed and steered by a campaign taskforce, formed in 2013 and chaired by the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA), to address the critical problems seen at the site while improving the tourist experience of Petra Park in Jordan. In addition to PDTRA, the taskforce consists of 11 government and non-governmental organisations, including:

Care for Petra focuses on:

  • tackling the problems of working animal welfare
  • child labour in the tourism sector
  • preservation of the ancient archaeological heritage and monuments within the Petra Park

Brooke acted as the campaign coordinator for the first phase. The second phase of the campaign, to reach more tourists before they arrive in Petra, is being led by a part-time campaign coordinator under the management of PDTRA. Brooke is providing the salary for this post and providing technical support.

Read the press release: Responsible tourism campaign tackles issues at world heritage site.

An animated video developed by Brooke and showing the issues affecting the site will be played on loop next to the ticket office in the Petra UNESCO world heritage site.

Publicity materials to download

The campaign and materials produced provide tourists with simple messages to help them make the right choices to improve animal welfare, secure the future of children and protect the archaeological heritage.

PETRA A1 poster 1.34 MB