Dr Maïmouna Nguissaly Ndiaye, Animal Welfare Officer

Based in Senegal, Maïmouna is a veterinarian at Brooke West Africa. She is involved in supporting local service providers to develop their animal health and welfare skills. She is also working on implementing our farriery training programme at the sub-regional level.

Dr Maïmouna Nguissaly Ndiaye


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Master of Science in Public Health (Food Safety)


My favourite hobbies are reading novels, cooking and knitting.

Most memorable work moment

My most memorable moment at work was my first training delivered in the field. I was really anxious as I did not know how to communicate with people and how to manage the translation of scientific notions into the local language. It was really interesting to see how people are engaged in the equine field and how willing they are to learn more and to adapt their practices. Trainings were very comprehensive and I received very positive feedback at the end of the day. 

Maïmouna Ndiaye foot mapping during a forging training in Senegal

Maïmouna demonstrates foot mapping during a forging training in Senegal.

Best part of your job
Maïmouna poses for a selfie with Brooke staff during a farriery training in Senegal

Every case we encounter in the field is unique, and is a new opportunity to gain experience and to offer a positive welfare moment to equines we come across. Besides this, sharing knowledge and experiences is really interesting when training adults as well as young attendees with different backgrounds and knowledge. I really enjoy developing new teaching techniques and using different tools to make people willing to get new notions and skills.

How did you get your job?

As I had just finished my DVM degree, I successfully applied for an internship in Brooke West Africa. For 6 months, I was supporting animal welfare officers team in their different activities. Fortunately, during the last period of my internship, Brooke West Africa launched a recruitment process for an animal welfare officer position. It was a great opportunity for me to pursue a career in the equine field and I successfully applied for the position.

Dr Ndiaye with a horse in Senegal

Dr Ndiaye (left) assesses and mentors a farrier in Senegal using the farriery mentoring framework.