Sharing the Load

Sharing the Load manual helps improve animal welfare through collective action

The Brooke’s experience of working with animal-owning communities has now been documented in Sharing the Load: a guide to improving the welfare of working animals through collective action.

Sharing the Load will help community facilitators develop an understanding of animal welfare through observational exercises in the field.

It provides a broad explanation of approaches for improving welfare, looking at the specific context of different target populations in terms of welfare risks to working animals and the vulnerability of their owners’ livelihoods.

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Sharing the Load in Hindi

How Sharing the Load began

Since 2005 the Brooke has been integrating animal welfare science with human development methodology.

The Brooke's research lead to a process where people in the community identify the signs of positive and negative animal welfare themselves. Based on their welfare assessment, the group agrees on both individual and collective action to improve the welfare of all animals owned by group members and monitors its progress towards this goal.

The aim is to empower communities to take on sustainable improvement in the welfare of working animals by developing participatory methods that they can undertake themselves.


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