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A look at the lives of special working equines from around the world.

Stories about the Brooke's work

The Brooke estimates that the 1.5 million animals it helps every year support as many as 6 million people.

And every one of these people has their own story about why their animal is so important to them.

Some show that a key factor in any animal's health is how it is cared for by humans, and that's why working with and training people is core to the work of the Brooke.

Making a difference

Others demonstrate how the Brooke's dedicated vets and community animal health workers are committed to making a difference to the way animals are cared for in the heart of the poor communities that desperately need our help.

That often involves educating owners and their children about the best way to ensure their animal's welfare.

Helping more than 2 million animals

By 2016, we are committed to measurably improving the lives of more than 2 million suffering horses, donkeys and mules that need our help most in the world.

We are determined to make sure that these animals have a better life now, through quality veterinary treatment and a happier future, through training owners to help their own animals, and researching to reveal the best solutions for animal suffering.

Brooke stories

Rawati village in Bihar state, India, is a shining example of how a village can benefit from insightful community development. The Brooke began working in Rawati in 2008 and since then we have laid the foundation for community action. ©The Brooke

Brooke stories2

Children at a Brooke-run literacy project in Aswan, Egypt. Illiterate people are considered one of the Brooke targets to disseminate our messages about animal welfare, because the majority are animal owners, users or women who have vital responsibilities toward their animals. ©The Brooke

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