Put donkeys centre stage in your own home this Christmas

All too often, the work of donkeys, horses and mules is overlooked. This Christmas, join us to put a spotlight on them, and make sure they’re put centre stage. Support Brooke and together we’ll give them the care, protection and recognition they deserve.

Watch! Brooke’s new animation, The Little Christmas Helper, tells the story of a little paper donkey who, finding himself at a Christmas dinner table, tries to help out. At first his efforts go unnoticed, but eventually a kind hand picks him up and puts him on top of the Christmas tree, centre stage. Imagine if your Christmas dinner was reliant on the humble donkey... Share the video on social media with the hashtag #SpotlightOnDonkeys to spread the word.

What do working horses and donkeys bring to the table?

Around the world, donkeys, horses and mules support the livelihoods of around 600 million people. They help people get food and water too, either directly by carrying it, or indirectly by helping people earn money to pay for essentials. 

make your own dinky donkey

Donkeys deserve to be in the spotlight! Show your support and give them the recognition they deserve this Christmas by joining in with thousands of other supporters and creating your own special origami Dinky Donkey.

Add him to your Christmas tree, pop him in with your Christmas cards or even give him to a loved one.

We have some helpful instructions below for you to make your very own Dinky Donkey! If you want to print out the guided paper remember to print it double sided, and flip on the short edge.

Wendy Turner Webster, a TV presenter at Crafty Beggars TV and also a Brooke supporter, has created a helpful video to show you how to make your very own Dinky Donkey. The craft extraordinaire also has some amazing ideas on how to display him this Christmas.

We’d love to see your Dinky Donkey pictures – just add your photos to social media with the hashtag #SpotlightOnDonkeys

Christmas Craft Pack

If you’d like to have an even craftier Christmas then why not request one of our Christmas craft packs? Featuring six beautiful patterns the pack will guide you to create your own festive masterpiece.