Jani's story

When Mohammed brought Jani to the Brooke Clinic in Lahore, she was exhausted from overwork and so weak she could barely stand. She had colic and her knees were badly swollen.

Mohammed sells fruit and vegetables in Lahore, Pakistan. He earns less than £2 per day to feed his family, and depends on his donkey Jani to transport his wares to market. Jani is 18 and should retire but Mohammed can’t afford to lose her and his only source of income.

Brooke vets nursed Jani back to health. They gave her pain relief, medicine, treated her teeth and her feet and dressed her wounds. We admitted her into our clinic for intensive treatment and recovery. And we advised Mohammed on how to care for Jani at home – practical advice on diet, bedding, foot care and worming. We discussed a reduced workload now that Jani is getting older and suggested how to build more rest breaks into her working day.

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