Brooke working in partnership

Brooke UK's partners bring unique attributes and valuable experience to our common goals, and our partnership work is set to grow and strengthen over the coming years.

Global Animal Welfare Advisor Jen Wathan helping facilitate a compassionate handling workshop in Guatemala with Lester Lemus, Project Assistant and Handler at ESAP

Why Brooke works with partners

Working with partners means we can reach communities we would otherwise not be able to. It's also a more effective way of working within a country, employing skills and expertise to enhance Brooke's own in a mutually beneficial approach which has greater impact.

Relationships with our partners are based on the principles of: common purpose, mutual respect and commitment, clear delegation of responsibility, transparency, accountability and flexibility. There is added value in the mutual benefit each organisation brings in terms of expertise, experience and resource.

Our partners


Brooke launched a new partnership in Afghanistan with Afghanaid in 2018.

The project will work in Daykundi province to integrate working equine welfare into an existing livelihoods project, utilising their existing networks and relationships to link improved animal health and welfare to strengthened livelihoods.

Afghanaid has a proven track record of successful and sustainable programmatic work in Afghanistan and we are working together to strengthen the livelihoods and livestock care, including equines, of vulnerable households in four districts.

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Animal Health Training and Consultancy Service (AHTCS)

Brooke began work in Nepal with AHTCS in 2007.

AHTCS’ work aims to raise awareness of animal welfare and new animal welfare standards among brick kiln owners/managers, equine owners, handlers, animal contractors, milk chilling centres and rice processing mills. 

The project also supports local veterinary service providers and government vets whilst improving awareness in communities to create demand for these services. 

AHTCS continues to work with policy makers and politicians to encourage the inclusion of equines in improved animal welfare legislation. 

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Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (DCA)

In 2008, Brooke forged a partnership with the DCA to work with equine owning communities in Afghanistan.

The project’s aim is to create lasting equine welfare improvements by strengthening owners’ understanding of welfare issues. This is achieved by enhancing skills and compassion at community levels, as well as forming - and working with - men’s, women’s and children’s groups in the community which promote good equine handling practices. 

DCA improves the quality and sustainability of veterinary and welfare services, such as harness-making, farriery and veterinary provision, and also works with religious leaders to spread animal welfare messages.

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In 2018, Brooke launched a new partnership with Dutch organisation Eclosio, working in Senegal.

This project will work in three municipalities to raise the awareness of 8000 households to better acknolwedge and value equine welfare for social, economic and environmental benefits. The project will support a number of micro projects for young entrepreneurs in order to afford youths in these remote and rural equine-owning communities better economic opportunities.

Read more about our work with Eclosio

Equinos Sanos para el Pueblo (ESAP)

Brooke has been working with ESAP in Guatemala since 2006.

ESAP works with rural communities in Guatemala’s ‘dry corridor’, one of the country’s harshest areas, prone to drought and crop failure. It targets working equines with poor levels of physical and emotional welfare belonging to low-income families. 

Our project is helping 400 equine owners in the department of Jalapa engage in good handling and husbandry practices.

ESAP also work on national-level advocacy opportunities. Currently their main focus is on ensuring guidelines and policies for the implementation of Guatemala's new animal welfare law are drafted to include equines, and that district level officials understand their responsibilities in relation to these laws. 

Read more about our work with ESAP

Other partnership work

We also work in partnership on a variety of smaller projects through our Innovation Fund

The Fund exists to address persistent problems affecting working equids around the world in new and effective ways. Working with individuals, organisations and Brooke teams worldwide, this initiative takes a collaborative approach to solving old problems: seeking both new successes and meaningful failures. 

Brooke partner news

Brooke collaborated with DCA to research the importance of donkeys in the lives of the people in Afghanistan.

Brooke’s partner in Nepal, AHTCS, has been given a Special Recognition Award for their work during the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, almost exactly a year ago.

After years of dedicated advocacy work by Brooke’s Guatemalan partners ESAP we are delighted to announce that a new animal welfare law has been passed by the country’s congress. 

On 24 March 2016, Brooke West Africa’s partner, the Union des Groupements Paysans de Meckhé (UGPM), launched a new three-year welfare project, Wormaal Mala.