Brooke Netherlands

Stichting Brooke Hospital for Animals Nederland (Brooke-Netherlands) was founded in 1994 and is an independently operating entity within the Brooke organisation.

Brooke-Netherlands has always been a proud member of the Brooke family and supports the programs of the Brooke in alleviating the suffering of working horses, donkeys and mules in Egypt, India and Pakistan.

Brooke-Netherlands has its own board and staff who are responsible for the policy, operational matters and the spending of the charitable funds raised in The Netherlands and Belgium. The majority of the funds raised by Brooke-Netherlands are directly donated to the work of Brooke-Egypt. In line with this financial commitment, Brooke-Netherlands monitors the spending of the funds and gives support and advice to Brooke-Egypt. Smaller grants are donated to Brooke India and Brooke Pakistan.

The office of Brooke-Netherlands is based in Amsterdam. Since the founding of the organisation, Brooke-Netherlands has raised millions of pounds for the charitable cause.

Brooke-Netherlands has around 35,000 loyal, committed Dutch and Belgian supporters and an enthusiast and active group of volunteers.