25 March 2019

Help horses, get fit and get discounts on equestrian products by taking part in Brooke’s MyHackathon

Brooke has announced Huufe as its official tracking app for MyHackathon 2019. 

Brooke has announced Huufe as its official tracking app for MyHackathon 2019. MyHackathon, the charity’s hacking challenge, has been made even easier with the addition of the Huufe app, which helps riders track their rides through an app available on iPhone and Android. MyHackathon riders on the Huufe platform will also get special benefits.

Now in its third year, MyHackathon calls upon riders to hack 100 miles in 100 days and raise £100 in sponsorship for Brooke, helping to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules around the world.

This Esme

Huufe is an app that uses GPS to let riders track their rides, and then share these with a community of equestrians. It also rewards users for riding, allowing them to earn ‘HuufeCoin’ to spend on equestrian gear. HuufeCoin can be earnt by riding each day, and more is earnt the more time spent riding.

MyHackathon riders also get the app’s premium features for free if you sign up by 1 June. ‘LiveRide’ allows riders to share their location with friends and family in real time, and ‘SafeRide’ sends your nominated contacts and loved ones a text message to let them know if you have had an accident.

This Esme (Esme Higgs) is supporting Brooke’s MyHackathon for 2019.

I absolutely love hacking, and I am proud to be supporting Brooke’s MyHackathon. I’ve already tracked some of my rides and it’s been great to see exactly how far I’ve gone and then be able to share that with my friends and fans in the Huufe app. Spring is here guys so let’s get out there and hack together to help horses and donkeys working in really tough conditions around the world.

This Esme

The MyHackathon community has raised over £40,000 for Brooke in the last few years, a charity that improves the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries.

You can sign up to MyHackathon at thebrooke.org/MyHackathon and join Huufe through the App Store or Google Play.