11 November 2015

Celebrities lend support for #HorseHeroes

Celebrities have giving support to the Brooke's Horse Heroes campaign. This Armistice Day, we want to draw special attention to the horses who took part in the war. Of the one million horses supporting the British forces in WW1, only 60,000 returned to the UK.

Our campaign, Horse Heroes, aims to spread the message that working equines were under appreciated then, and today over 100 years later, they still go under appreciated for their work which supports the livelihoods of 600 million people around the world.

Join our campaign on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #HorseHeroes.

Leave a message for the horses who fell in conflict on our Facebook post for the chance for them to be included with our commemorative wreath, which will be laid at the Animals in War Memorial Service on Friday 13 November.

Make a donation to Brooke to honour our past and present Horse Heroes and help working equines across the world today.

 "I greatly admire the work that the Brooke charity is doing to bring awareness to the suffering of equines across the world. It is by supporting charities such as the Brooke, that we can try to put an end to the maltreatment, abuse and lack of respect for animals."

June Brown - Actress and donkey lover

“Working horses suffered in the war and working horses still suffer today. These animals are sentient beings and not machines. Please support the work of The Brooke to create a better life for working horses the world over.”

Wendy Turner Webster - TV presenter and long-time animal advocate

"I support Horse Heroes, not only because there are millions of horses, mules and donkeys worldwide that need our help to improve their living conditions, but also for the people that rely on them for work. It is also particularly poignant following Remembrance Sunday. One million horses supported our forces, and showed their bravery and constant loyalty to humans. I know first-hand just how beautiful the relationship between horse and man is, and we have a responsibility globally to care for an animal that has given us everything."

Michael Fox - Actor and star of Downton Abbey