19 September 2015

Brooke supporter Brian Sewell has died

The art critic Brian Sewell, famous for his journalism in many publications died, aged 84, on 19 September 2015.

A spokesperson for the Brooke said:

“Brooke was very sad to hear about the death of the art critic Brian Sewell on Saturday. Brian has been a loyal supporter of Brooke for a number of years, giving regular donations to support our work. We’re extremely grateful to have had his support.

“Brian has always shown he deeply cares for all animals, and wrote a children’s book last year 'The White Umbrella' telling the story of a working donkey in Pakistan. Brian had been inspired to write the book after seeing a donkey struggling with the weight of its load during his travels in Pakistan. He also recently selected Brooke as his charity of choice for proceeds after appearing in the Pawtraits Exhibition and accompanying book.”