28 March 2024

Brooke and WVA host webinar to celebrate the launch of Essential Meds list

Attendees from around the world joined speakers from Brooke and the World Veterinary Association on Tuesday 26 March to celebrate the launch of the first ever global Essential Veterinary Medicines List (EVML) for Food Producing Animals.

Presenters Dr Olatunji Nasir of the World Veterinary Association and Dr Shereene Williams of Brooke talked attendees through the process of putting the list together and how it should be used.

Dr Williams said: "It's with great pleasure that we can now share the EVML for food-producing list, containing 270 medicines. We hope that this will help the veterinary and scientific communities to prosper in addressing global animal health."

Animal health, which is deeply interconnected with human and environmental health, is dependent on access to safe and effective veterinary medicines. However, in many regions around the world, these are not readily available.

The list will help to improve access to safe and effective medicines and vaccines for veterinarians by providing a blueprint for regulatory authorities and governments to develop their own tailored lists, considering the pathogens and diseases specific to their region.

Phase 1 of this important project provides the essential medicinal needs of equids, large ruminants, pigs, goats and sheep. Phase 2 has started and focuses on poultry, rabbits, while phase 3 will follow with the inclusion of aquaculture and bees.

As with the World Health Organisation’s Model List of Essential Medicines, the Essential Veterinary Medicines List for Food Producing Animals will be a free-to-access resource regularly updated on a calendared basis, seeking global contributions to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.

View the list here.

Watch a recording of the webinar below.