April volunteer of the month - Kathy Griffiths, South Cumbria

South Cumbria group leader Kathy Griffiths is this month's star volunteer. She's been involved with Brooke for six years. 

As the UK continues to deal with the effects of Coronavirus, Kathy Griffiths from Ireleth, Cumbria, is using her time in isolation to teach others how to create arts and crafts for a good cause.

Kathy, who has been part of Brooke’s South Cumbria volunteer fundraiser group for the past six years, has created a handy video guide on how to turn used glass bottles into decorative lights. The guide will soon be available as part of the Supporting Brooke at Home initiative, which was launched in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the unfortunate cancellation of physical fundraising events.

The Supporting Brooke at Home initiative also includes information on a range of easy fundraising activities, including hosting a virtual pub quiz or knitting a donkey.

I enjoy making things to sell that can bring in much needed funds. I’ve enjoyed making horse and donkey themed spectacle cases, scarves, bottle lights and hessian baskets. During this Coronavirus pandemic when all the normal fundraising events have had to be cancelled, I am busying myself making things that can be used at fundraising events when life returns to normal.

Kathy Griffiths

The South Cumbria group has raised nearly £60,000 over the years, and groups like this are essential to Brooke’s work reaching working horses, donkeys and mules across the developing world. Kathy said: “This isn’t a charity that just improves the lives of horses, donkeys and mules toiling away in severe heat and drought conditions but by doing so, each family that owns an equine benefits from income that allows the children to go to school and often means that people in the developing world can work their way out of poverty.”

Kathy’s fundraising efforts have earned her the title of Brooke’s April Volunteer of the Month. She said: “I’ve never actually owned a horse, although I’ve lived with many cats and dogs through my life. However, I love all animals and am passionate about trying to make their lives better.”

You’ll be able to access Kathy’s bottle light guide and other fundraising at home ideas here.

If you are interested in volunteering for Brooke or joining a fundraising group, please email [email protected]